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Maori and Polynesian culture add to the diversity and special character of New Zealand Aotearoa and we believe that every young person has the right to education and training that is meaningful to them and that enables them to move forward onto theur future careers with confidence and the necessary skills and tools to succeed.  We are equipped and experienced in assisting our Maori and Pasifika youth to develop and achieve realistic and successful study and career pathways. 

This programme aims to develop the essential skills needed to achieve a successful career and achieve individual and community goals and aspirations, in balance with cultural expectations and way of life through: 

  • Developing self and cultural awareness

  • Discovering and playing to your strengths

  • Exploring interests and finding your "fit" 

  • Recognising and developing skills and tools for future use

  • Future planning and goal setting.

  • Overcoming barriers or negative thought patterns

  • Understanding the importance of  and practising self-care

Hawaiki was developed in recognition of the complexities faced by young Maori and Pasifika living at the intersection of two cultures. We work to enable young people to walk tall and to embrace both cultures, community and citizenship.  Understanding and managing life at this intersection can be complex but can also provide strengths that when harnessed have a positive influence on personal health and wellbeing, and study, career and life choices for young Maori and Pasifika. When this is managed well it brings an acknowledgment and recognition of the integrity and mana of the value of  our young people as well as to their whanau or famili.

Youth &Young Adults 

Guidance, Motivation & Inspiration

The team at mtiv8 work holistically and collaboratively with colleagues in many different fields, such as education, social services, psychology, and counselling. Our aim is to create and provide workshops and programmes that encompass a caring, inclusive, safe, interactive and cohesive learning environment for  every individual involved. 

We are qualified, experienced and passionate in supporting teenagers and young adults in making realistic, informed study, training and career decisions, and in enabling young people to develop meaningful and realistic goals with outcomes that fit the individual and one that takes people in the right direction-towards achieving their individual goals. 

mtiv8 works with individuals, small groups, schools and organisations to create interactive and innovative programmes for teens and young adults on seeking future success and happiness. We also facilitate and develop bespoke workshops on topics and issues facing young people today.