What is coaching? 

Helping You Move Forward

mtiv8 coaches work in collaboration with you providing a professional and positive impact on your work, education and personal life. We are your personal and professional coaching team.


mtiv8 coaches work closely with you providing guidance, support and direction to support and enable you to achieve your career and life goals.


mtiv8 coaches help you to define, redefine, and achieve personal and professional objectives and work-related goals, and in understanding and reaching your personal and life-related goals.

mtiv8 coaches are passionate in our work with young people enabling them to determine with support , a pathway toward a career is a good fit for them.  We also work with clients seeking a change or new career path-one that presents a better way forward or presents a better fit for you. 


mtiv8  coaches take great care and pride in contributing to your career journey and in facilitating a successful career pathway or change, and in enabling you  to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life of meaning. 

mtiv8 coaches work with you to discover your unique strengths and in overcoming barriers to future progress.  Reaching your goal is our goal. We  facilitate and enable you to develop new and additional  tools, skills and  strategies that make  a happy and fulfilling  career and life possible