Career Coach

 Lead Mentor

Malo e lelei and Kia Ora, my name is Sela (sell-ah). I am a highly mtiv8d career practitioner and youth coach. I have a growing experience in career transitions and mtiv8n, and in recognising people's potential skills and enabling them to further develop and make the best of those in their career and life journey. I passionately believe in supporting young people through High School and transitioning to the next step in their career and life journey. I strive and enjoy guiding young people to find their unique talents, understanding 'who' and 'why' they are, and discovering their abilities and passions.

As a first generation NZ Pacific Islander, I have personal experience and understanding of balancing dual cultures that can both enrich and hinder career and life decision making and opportunity awareness. My end-game is to help others find that balance in career and life. I firmly believe that culture adds a terrific positivity and richness to young people's lives and can be utilised to enable awesome career and life aspirations and success for young people.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Career Practice, and I am developing a growing practice in youth development and transition. I am working alongside young people who are seeking direction when considering life after school. I am excited by youth conversations and I am inspired when listening to young people's stories about how they make choices about their study or career path.