mtiv8 are passionate about helping youth and pride ourselves in working in a fun and positive way, developing their skills and strategies to move forward with confidence and support, enabling our young people to set out and achieve goals that fit.  We had an amazing opportunity to facilitate several of our youth workshops with the Year 9 student cohort recently at Otago Girls High School 

Otago Girls High School

Wellness Workshops  

Our Work 

Now more than ever there is a necessary focus around 'well-being', and how to manage that at school. Taking on board the school brief we presented the day to the students under the workshop heading 'Glo up and Go off"'- a three part programme in which we worked with the students  by focusing on the four 'selves':



  • You don't have to force relationships 

  • Learning how to recognize the manipulators

  • realising what you are capable of and what you can achieve 

  • you are limitless


  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • What makes you feel good? 



  • Accept your flaws 

  • Don’t let others dictate what you look like  





Our Purpose 


 It was a nice way to connect with friends and learn how to make ourselves proud of who we are.