Career Coach

part-time mentor 

Imogene Mackay 

Hi Guys, my name is Imogene Mackay, and I am the newest member of the team!  I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Career Practice, from 2019 .


This is my second year with the team, having completed an internship year as part of my tertiary study programme in 2018. I love working with both junior and senior high school students and with tertiary students. I am a trained and experienced mentor.

 I am committed to ensuring every persons I work with understands and believes that they can be the best version of themselves, no matter what anyone else may have told them!  I believe in the value of  youth, and relate to and understand the issues faced by young people today, having recently lived through those myself. I get it! I know with support anything is possible!  

I am mtiv8d to support young people whether studying or starting out on their work/life journey.  I take great pleasure in working with youth who juggling the demands of high school, , study and life, as well as those who may be uncertain how to manage the transition from school to work, tarining or further study pathways.