Student Internship Progamme

The Konaki programme is a 10 week tikanga-based experiential entrepreneurial and leadership programme for Maori students studying at Te Kura Pakihi, Otago Business School. In 2019 mtiv8 was delighted to be involved as the programme coordinator, facilitator and mentor to the Maori students accepted into the programme.


Based out of co-working space innov8hq, mtiv8 developed an enthusiastic connection this year with Te Puni Kokori, and a number of local and regional Maori businesses in developing and facilitating a 10 week experience-based and practical project where students helped helped Maori start businesses by applying their academic theory and innovative approach through their projects to add value to the businesses involved. The experience provides students a real-time practical understanding of a developing business as well as enabling them to build confidence and connection to Te Ao Maori through business.


The mtiv8 team is well placed to facilitate such internship programmes as well as similar entrepreneurial and experiential learning opportunities with mtiv8 founder Paula, having successfully founded, managed and turned over three vastly different business enterprises, including a law practice and an Indian restaurant. In addition, Paula and the team work many start-ups and developing small business enterprises via our personal and professional development workshops and training programmes. Paula is well supported by our diverse team, in particular Sela and Rachel both of whom come with a deeply personal and professional understanding of the world of work and and are bi-cultural practitioners, Sela with her lived Tongan cultural understanding and knowledge and Rachel, versed and teaching from her Te Ao Maori perspective and whakapapa. 


With access to our wide business network, we are happy to discuss with you any of your organisational internship and or programme needs, and to work with you in the establishment and development of internship programmes for high school students, tertiary students, and international students at all levels.


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