So what is Big Talk and why is it effective?


It is an approach to creating meaningful connection through facilitating conversation with family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. The idea of BigTalk is to skip meaning less "small talk" conversations and to really get to know someone by asking thought provoking questions. 

We see this as a great opportunity for each of us to better our ability to communicate our thoughts and feelings with the people around us, and to build meaningful relationships at home, work, school, and in the community, developing a greater sense of mattering, connectedness, and finding common ground with others. 

Since incorporating BigTalk into our programmes, workshops and events the feedback has been amazing. We're excited to see just how much others enjoy BigTalk as much as we do and now have extended our "mtiv8 8 Talks" to our Radio show where we use this tool to tackle some hard topics with diverse groups. 

Our BigTalk journey has been amazing so far, the people we have met and have gotten to know as well as realising that your not alone in dealing with certain issues.