We are  passionate in enabling youth to strive to be the very best they can be, so collaborating with the Pinnacle Programme was an obvious match for us to work with scholarship recipients to  enable them to be the best version of themselves-whatever that might look like.



After several years facilitating personal and group development with the scholarship recipients, and connecting them to alumni, networks and mentors to assist and provide guidance and future pathways, we have, along with the students created a collaborative community of uniquely talented and passionate young people. The future looks bright. 


Our aim is to facilitate a future pathway to success, as each student shares a desire to stand out from the crowd, and to provide skills acquisition and to developing strategies to enable each to pursue if their dreams and develop their passions-be that in study, sport, or work.

Our Purpose 

mtiv8 is delighted to be a collaborative partner to the Pinnacle Programme. 2020 will see us hosting monthly lunch meet-ups with the Southern cohort of scholarship students, creating a multi-talented community, sharing passions , goals and an exciting view of a sustainable future. community, collaboration and personal growth