Student & Young Professionals Series   

We work with a wide variety of  professionals, from many different fields. People, who may have worked for many years in varied careers, and those just starting out. Students preparing to study, and or graduate , and people simply wanting to enter the world of work knowing that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skill and learn strategies to be better at their current role, or in an effort to transition to another role.




Our work 

Our workshop are developed to support, prepare and better equip these attendees to handle any situation in a professional setting. We  focus on developing a personal model of best professional practice, and to do this we spend time considering, and developing  the following: 

  • You and your professional identity 

  • Resilience and mastering emotions

  • Reflection in and on practice 

  • Professional practice/ethical dilemmas 

  • Ensure that you are putting your knowledge, theory, skills and strategies into practice

All workshiops are intended to be fully inclusive, fun, engaging,  interactive, and include discussions, workshop sessions, utilisation of case study examples, and prepared presentations. 

Workshops were run in groups of 12 (maximum) over two days to ensure the material is covered effectively.  Group exercises enabled individuals to apply their learning into practice in a safe, supported environment. One that is collaborative and constructive, with syttrong emphasis on shared discussions and encouraged support. 

Preparing for professional Practice


Key outcomes for participants in our workshops were emotional self-awareness, problem solving in confronting situations, impulse control especially difficult emotions and reality checking so the ability to be well-grounded and level headed even under stress. 

They also gained an understanding of working within a team, delegating tasks and collaborating strategies. 

I am incredibly grateful to you both! Thank you for facilitating such an empowering workshop