Who are our youth mentors: 


Young adults studying in tertiary education or in working life,  usually aged between 20-25. 

Our mentors;

  • are supervised, vetted and trained in mentoring and working with young people

  • receive regular and ongoing training and development

  • receive personal and group supervision and support 

  • have free access to our personal and professional development workshops and programmes

  • passionate about helping others, fun-loving and consistent

  • have/and or want to gain experience working with youth

  • have a willingness to commit one hour a week to a young person

  • are reliable, authentic and trustworthy

Great relationships are built on the qualities of mutual respect, being authentic and having empathy. 

If you, or someone you know would benefit from having a mentor, or is interested in becoming a mentor get in touch below

mtiv8 mentors are trained and have the skills necessary to develop structured and trusting relationships with young people,. They provide non-judgmental support enabling young people to feel both cared for and valued. 


mtiv8 mentors are passionate about encouraging and building valuable relationships with young people as their lives gain meaning and purpose.


Sometimes our mentors spend time with a person to achieve a specific goal. At other times, our mentors are role models who walk the talk by empowering young people to take charge of and control of their personal development.their lives, and to  make changes to manage daily challenges in a positive and constructive way.

mtiv8 youth mentors